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Titian, Titian-red, ablaze, adhesive, afire, aflame, aflicker, aglow, alight, ardent, avid, beaming, beamy, beatific, beatified, blazing, blessed, blissful, blithe, blithesome, blooming, blowzed, blowzy, blushing, boiling, boiling over, breathless, bricky, bright, bright and sunny, brilliant, burning, burning with excitement, burnt, candent, candescent, capering, cardinal, carmine, carnation, carnelian, cerise, cheerful, cheery, cherry, cherry-colored, cherry-red, chirping, chromatic, cold, colorific, coloring, comburent, complimentary, conflagrant, cool, cordial, crimson, damask, dancing, dazzling, delirious, desirous, devastating, dichromatic, divine, drunk, eager, elated, emphatic, encomiastic, enthused, enthusiastic, enthusiastic about, eulogistic, eupeptic, euphoric, exalted, excited, exciting, exhilarated, exuberant, favorable, febrile, ferruginous, fervent, fervid, fevered, feverish, fierce, fiery, fire-red, flagrant, flame-colored, flame-red, flaming, flaring, flickering, florid, flush, flushed, flushed with joy, flushing, full of enthusiasm, full-blooded, fuming, gay, genial, glad, gladsome, glamorous, gleaming, gleamy, glinting, glorious, gluey, gooey, gorgeous, gules, gung-ho, guttering, happy, harmonious, hearty, heated, heavenly, hectic, het up, high, hopeful, hot, hot-blooded, ignescent, ignited, illuminant, impassioned, in a blaze, in a glow, in flames, in good spirits, in high spirits, in rut, incandescent, incarmined, infatuated with, inflamed, infrared, intense, intoxicated, iron-red, irradiative, irrepressible, joyful, joyous, keen, keen on, killing, kindled, lake-colored, laky, lambent, lamping, lateritious, laudatory, laughing, leaping, light as day, live, lively, living, lobster-red, luciferous, lucific, luciform, luminant, luminative, luminiferous, luminificent, luminous, lurid, lustrous, many-colored, maroon, matching, medley, monochromatic, monochrome, monochromic, motley, of good cheer, on fire, optimistic, orient, panegyrical, parti-colored, passionate, pigmentary, pleasant, polychromatic, port-wine, prismatic, provoking, puce, purring, radiant, rainbow, raving, ravishing, red, red-complexioned, red-dyed, red-faced, red-fleshed, red-hot, red-looking, reddened, reddish, reddish-amber, reddish-brown, reeking, resplendent, rhapsodic, riant, rich, rosy, rosy-cheeked, rubicund, rubiginous, rubric, rubricose, ruby, ruby-colored, ruby-red, ruddied, ruddy, ruddy-complexioned, ruddy-faced, rufescent, rufous, rust, rust-red, rusty, rutilant, rutilous, sanguine, sanguineous, scarlet, scintillant, scintillating, seething, sexually excited, shining, shiny, singing, smiling, smirking, smoking, smoldering, sparking, sparkling, spectral, splendid, splendorous, splendrous, stammel, starbright, starlike, starry, starry-eyed, steaming, steamy, stimulating, stirring, stodgy, streaming, stunning, sublime, suffused, sunburned, sunny, sunshiny, thrice happy, tile-red, tinctorial, tingent, toning, unextinguished, unquenched, unrestrained, urgent, variegated, vehement, vermilion, vibrant, vigorous, vinaceous, warm, wine, wine-colored, wine-red, winsome, zealous

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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